Thursday, December 26, 2013

Agnes' Doll

On the day after Christmas, Agnes poses for her portrait holding her Scootles porcelain doll. She is being very careful with the handling of this most delicate possession.

"Just Another Dreary Day" Agnes Dreary with restyled hair wears "Stone Cold" Agnes Dreary's dress.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Just Not Another Dreary Day

Agnes Dreary returns. After a silent exit a couple of years ago, little Miss Dreary is back on the scene. In a tiny bloom print dress with leg of moutton sleeves, Dreary Manor's favorite girl floats into the holiday scene in "Another Dreary Day". Now, it's hard to believe that this day is just another one. With such a departure from her customary solid color wardrobe consisting mainly of black, browns, and greys, this issue is definitely a new beginning for Agnes. Also, for the first time, Agnes has the enhanced articulation of the Harry Potter dolls and a paler vinyl tone. The eyes are hand painted, and although missing lashes, convey great emotion and depth.

For this portfolio, Agnes poses with her porcelain doll, a tiny mister etched 10/8 in the back of the head. He also sports a wood painted body. And tiny teeth. He says his name is Gregoire. We thinks he's a dead ringer for Bleuette.

Colder in Winter

Agnes and Viktor feel the change in the winter air. Chilly is now frigid inside the walls of Dreary Manor. And they go about their day enjoying this ultimate expression of power from Mère Nature. It's beginning to look a lot like winter...

Making paper hats is a fun activity. Select aged and yellowed - but not thoroughly brittle - paper from your library's decaying tomes. Viktor wears pieces from Dragons in Dreams Napoleon Bonaparte's ensemble. Agnes wears Belladonna by Tonner Doll Company. Their inset glass eyes were installed by Jim Ash. "Deady Teddy" by Nicki Evans.

Brrrr! A hand knit sweater by Retros is fanciful and practical.

Enjoy the winter chill!