Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Napoleonic Style

What to do when Viktor Dreary wishes to change from his usual dark haberdashery? For this photo, Viktor chose to wear pieces from Ignite's Napoleon Museum Collection 1/6 Napoleon Bonaparte, an accurate depiction in 1:6 scale of Napoleon Bonaparte as he was in 1805, the year of the Battle of Austerlitz and at the pinnacle of his military glory. A thin white shirt and heavier white felt-like pants that close at the front, one to either side of his belly so the front flap drops down. He also wears long white socks and shoes with gold buckle. A white vest, made of the same felt-like material goes over the shirt. In all, a great find for all of fifteen US dollars.
Master Dreary fancies himself a ghost with a real history pedigree now.
His glass eyes were installed by Jim Ash.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dashing Viktor

Or young man loves to impress his sisters by wearing elegant hats made to order by Peggy Feltrope, the milliner in the nearby village. Peggy has never seen the lad nor visited Dreary Manor, but she is happy to know that her eye for style does not go unnoticed.  

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Dreary Wonderland

Following Tonner Doll Company's motto Believe in the Power of Play, master fabric doll artist Sara Lanzillotta (www.devoutdolls.com) created a wardrobe suite for the Dreary clan that highlights their refreshingly peculiar look while broadening the boundaries of their seemingly bleak lifestyle. Agnes, Viktor, and Sister Dreary enjoy the pleasures of playtime inside Dreary Manor. Thanks to Sara Lanzillotta's exceptional vision, the Dreary clan can come out of the dark and indulge in diversions inspired by favorite literary characters now again in a movie by visionary director Tim Burton.
Agnes, Viktor and big Sister Dreary spend a day in Wonderland impersonating their favorite characters in a colorful tribute to Lewis Carroll's classic tale. 
Sister Dreary offers more tea in her colorful Mad Hatter's costume comprising a treasure trove of details: teapot and cup embroidery on the full skirt, lace cuffs and a monumental hat.  Viktor as the White Rabbit seems to be puzzled by the whole affair.
Pink satin rabbit ears on a white fluffy plush cap give Viktor bunny good looks. His expertly tailored jacket, vest, and knickers are a work of doll fashion art.
Agnes is not at all convinced that her thirst needs satiating. Her black and white Alice dress, "Drink me!" bottle with tag are by Sara Lanzillotta. For more information on Sara Lanzillotta's amazing world of doll art, visit her at Devout Dolls.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spooky Tale

Ever wonder what's boiling in the black cauldron?

Agnes and Viktor Dreary's Tale of Terror

As day turns to night and little lights shine in the dark blue sky, two little ghosts roam the long hallways of Dreary Manor. With Jack O' Lanterns and much desire for mischief, our fluffy friends howl and moan a haunting refrain...Governesses Euphemia and Emilie try in vain to hush the cacophonous voices.

Booooo...hooooo! Boo! Boo!

From a dark corner where candles flicker in a mad dance, Agnes appears. She sees her twin brother's green eyes through the stitched openings of the hood. "Who's your playmate, brother Viktor? " - she asks softly.

Confused and bewildered, Viktor takes off his hood to make sure that his eyes are not playing any tricks on him. And they are not. It is indeed Agnes and her shadow in front of him. Agnes recognizes the look in his eyes and feels a cold air caress her cheeks.

The siblings know now that another fun loving yet unknown soul has entered their silent realm.

Cold as ice, brother and sister run and hide in the darkest corners, hoping that when they reemerge from the shadows, the uninvited guest will have moved on to another home. Maybe yours? On Halloween, be wary of little ghosts...as you may be in the presence of a forsaken soul who has decided to keep you company - forever! Boo!