Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Napoleonic Style

What to do when Viktor Dreary wishes to change from his usual dark haberdashery? For this photo, Viktor chose to wear pieces from Ignite's Napoleon Museum Collection 1/6 Napoleon Bonaparte, an accurate depiction in 1:6 scale of Napoleon Bonaparte as he was in 1805, the year of the Battle of Austerlitz and at the pinnacle of his military glory. A thin white shirt and heavier white felt-like pants that close at the front, one to either side of his belly so the front flap drops down. He also wears long white socks and shoes with gold buckle. A white vest, made of the same felt-like material goes over the shirt. In all, a great find for all of fifteen US dollars.
Master Dreary fancies himself a ghost with a real history pedigree now.
His glass eyes were installed by Jim Ash.

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