Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spooky Tale

Ever wonder what's boiling in the black cauldron?

Agnes and Viktor Dreary's Tale of Terror

As day turns to night and little lights shine in the dark blue sky, two little ghosts roam the long hallways of Dreary Manor. With Jack O' Lanterns and much desire for mischief, our fluffy friends howl and moan a haunting refrain...Governesses Euphemia and Emilie try in vain to hush the cacophonous voices.

Booooo...hooooo! Boo! Boo!

From a dark corner where candles flicker in a mad dance, Agnes appears. She sees her twin brother's green eyes through the stitched openings of the hood. "Who's your playmate, brother Viktor? " - she asks softly.

Confused and bewildered, Viktor takes off his hood to make sure that his eyes are not playing any tricks on him. And they are not. It is indeed Agnes and her shadow in front of him. Agnes recognizes the look in his eyes and feels a cold air caress her cheeks.

The siblings know now that another fun loving yet unknown soul has entered their silent realm.

Cold as ice, brother and sister run and hide in the darkest corners, hoping that when they reemerge from the shadows, the uninvited guest will have moved on to another home. Maybe yours? On Halloween, be wary of little you may be in the presence of a forsaken soul who has decided to keep you company - forever! Boo!

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